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• Personel informations just like defining website user identity which are name, surname, birth date, home and work address, telephone number, e-mail address are shortly called “Secret Informations”.

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• Özdisan may share users personel information with legal security forces if it’s necessary.

• Özdisan guarantee to take any necessary precaution for keep in safe of personel informations, keep continue to user’s privacy, blocking third party and unauthorised persons to reaching this informations. Even though Özdisan take all necessary precautions, attacking website or systems database may harm them and personel informations may be damaged and third party person get them. In this case, Özdisan has no responsibility for users.

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• Users always change and update their communication choise by log in to system. Another way to change communication choise is reaching us with our info section. Your request will be evaluate as soon as possible and make it happened.

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