After clicking “my basket” icon placed on right top of the page, you can click “My Baskets” section (1) then you can can create a new basket (2) and edit or delete your baskets (3)

You can use “add to basket” icon for adding products in to your selected basket on product detail or product listing pages (1). For changing basket, you can click “My Basket” icon, than select your basket. (2)

For registering your favorite basket which filled up with products before, you can click “save basket(1) icon. Than type your favorite basket’s name (2).

You can click “My Account(1), than “Favorite Baskets(2). All of your registering baskets show up in this section, and you can transfer them in to another favorite basket (3)

You can place order with your favorite basket (1) or any other baskets (3). You can export your basket items in to pdf or excell file (2)